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Left Hander.


Project Description

Left Hander1-Technical Textile

A genuine left-handers’ Model with blades and handles in mirror-inverted configuration for controlled cuts with full view of the path of cut whilst standing in upright position. The handles are enveloped by an easy-grip powder-coating.

The micro-serrated finish prevents slippage of smooth, tough fabric material.

Ideal for work with technical textiles such as glass and carbon fiber fabrics, Aramide and polyester composites

order number length total length length of cut weight
1041.103.210 8″ 21,0 cm 9,0 cm 191 g
1041.103.260 10″ 26,0 cm 10,5 cm 340 g


Completely nickel-plated with inner blade surfaces precision blue-ground.

This is our only “semi-left-handers'” model. Left handers having been used for years to work with right-handers’ models will have no problem whatever with these scissors.

Hard sewing room duties and work in the studio.



ROBUSO Dressmaker’s Scissors 1012/E/7″
Order-No. length total length length of cut weight
1012.107.185 7″ 18,2 cm 7,8 cm 109 g


Light-weight Dressmaker’s Scissors

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